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Mix 1. Amenity Meadows/Field Margins
These wild flowers are all-rounders, equally at home on sticky clays, loams or on light land. Common vetch and white campion are annuals, so it is important to allow the flowers to set seed before cutting. Field scabious and lesser knapweed have high quality nectar for butterflies and bumblebees, but all the nectar is valuable to insects. The 4 species grass mix is designed for minimal growth, with 70% being wiry, low-growing fescues. This mix is ideal for small areas where colour and nectar are required such as excavated soil from building works, from pond excavations or for a field margin. For all amenity sowings or where grazing is not possible.

Wild Flowers
5%   Birdsfoot Trefoil
7%   Common Vetch
7%   Field Scabious
12% Lady's Bedstraw
12% Lesser Knapweed
4%   Meadow Buttercup
10% Musk Mallow
10% Oxeye Daisy
15% Self Heal
5%   White Campion
8%   Wild Carrot
5%   Yarrow

20% Slender Creeping
20% Red Fescue
40% Strong Creeping
40% Red Fescue
7% Smooth Stalked
7% Meadow Grass
10% Hard Fescue
20% Chewings Fescue
3% Browntop Bent

Sowing rate: 3-5g/m2
Use the higher rate for poor seedbeds, small areas, (less than a tennis court) or where Spring sowing.

Grass and Flower Prices
1kg of these mixes contain 200gm (20%) wildflower seed, (80%) grass seed.

Price per KG: £32.00
Price per 100g: £4.00

Flowers only Prices
Price per KG:
Price per 100g: £12.00

Mix 1. Amenity Meadows /Field Margins
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