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Mix 3. Chalk / Alkaline Meadows
Chalky ground gives special opportunities for wild flowers for two reasons: first because a greater range of attractive wild flowers will thrive in chalk or alkaline soils such as harebell, small scabious and wild marjoram, the latter being arguably the best nectar plant. The second reason is that thin chalk soils are less fertile, thus reducing grass growth and allowing wild flowers to compete more effectively with grass.
The grass mix should be considered in the same way as for Mix 2 Clay / acid meadows. Use the 4 species grass mix I if the site is within the garden or where minimal grass growth is required, otherwise use the more authentic grass mix 3 with a wider range of species and which will provide better grazing for livestock.
Leaved fescues make up the main grass species is comparable to CG2 (Chalk grassland) of the NVC. In special cases, where Upright Brome is the dominant grass species such as on Salisbury Plain, the mix will be closer to CG3 of the NVC.

Wild Flowers
5%    Birdsfoot Trefoil
2%    Burnet Saxifrage
5%    Cowslip
5%    Greater Knapweed
1/2    Harebell
8%    Hoary Plantain
8%    Kidney Vetch
5%    Lesser Knapweed
5%    Meadow Buttercup
10%  Lady's Bedstraw
1.5% Oxeye Daisy
10%  Salad Burnet
10%  Self Heal
3%    Small Scabious
4%    Wild Basil
4%    Wild Carrot
5%    Wild marjoram
2%    Yarrow
7%    Yellow Rattle

35%   Chewings Fescue
5%     Common Bent
28%   Crested Dogstail
25%   Sheeps Fescue
5%     Small-leaved Timothy
2%     Yellow Oat-grass

Sowing rate: 3-5g/m2
Use the higher rate for poor seedbeds, small areas, (less than a tennis court) or where Spring sowing.

Grass and Flower Prices
1kg of these mixes contain 200gm (20%) wildflower seed,
(80%) grass seed.

Price per KG: £52.00
Price per 100g: £6.00

Flowers only Prices
Price per KG: £175.00
Price per 100g: £19.00

Wild flower mix3. Chalk Alkaline Meadow
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